The Chairman’s Council is a premium newsletter that encompasses long term strategies and near term tactical approach to foster explosive AUM & Revenue growth for elite high performing Financial Advisors.

What You Get

  • The Council’s Strategy Playbook a long read format newsletter that focuses heavily on M&A i.e. Monetization and Acquisitions strategies, sent directly to paid subscriber’s inbox weekly. With an aim to offer specific detailed strategies and unconventional paths that are being utilized by just a small group of exceptional Elite Advisors to move ahead of thousands in their field. Available via paid subscription only.

  • The Master Advisor Series are unscheduled articles done in short form and offers general practice insights, key motivations and proven growth levers to increase revenues and AUM growth. Available via paid subscription with selected post publicly available.

  • Case Studies - A showcase of individual Advisors in their pursuit to Grow, an inside look at their deals i.e. Acquisitions & Monetization transactions, growth timelines, the deal structures, the pricing, negotiating tactics, the Advisor’s mindset and breakthroughs, insights into their growth strategies and the anomalies they exploit to accelerate their revenue gains.

Audience, Fans and Advocates

Paid subscribers are amongst the top performing and emerging high performance Financial Advisors at Bank-owned firms, Independent Full-service Broker-Dealers, Registered Investment Advisor Firms, Independent Investment Counselors and Boutique Wealth Managers.

Our subscribers have a common pursuit -

  1. Achieving greater income

  2. Reaching higher AUM levels

  3. A penchant to use unconventional AUM & Revenue growth methods.

Why Subscribe?

While the industry is constantly evolving, I’ve always felt that the training and advice offered to Advisors has not changed. In some ways, training programs and professional coaches to our industry have been using the same old played out material for decades.

I write from my own experience of over 20 years as an accomplished Investment Advisor, and the experiences of the ingenious Advisors within my circle that have successfully built incredible Advisory practices in unconventional ways.

3x, 5x, even 10x - Advisors spend large fortunes for bespoke Advisor Coaching and receive little value out of those programs. Any realized benefits, are often linked to practice management and client service, little substance on how to materially change your AUM and Revenue status 3x, 5x, even 10x. That’s my mission, believe it, 5x income growth is achievable in our industry, it can be done, if you’re on a large platform, you know of Advisors that seem to always be on fire, they rocket themselves ahead faster, recording inconceivable growth in AUM and revenue in what seems like lightspeed timelines. These are not mere coincidental successes, these Advisors have often identified anomalies that being ignored by 95% of their peers.

Their growth stories are unconventional, but not improbable.


As an insider, I’ve learnt about the anomalies within our industry that are often overlooked and only a select few have exploited these to create monster businesses. There are large pools of money in rotation at the largest full service firms, I write about how astute Advisors can decipher clear paths to establishing the largest AUM businesses by understanding the Rotational AUM, have a full grasp of the Advisor’s fly wheel and join the club of elite advisors referred to as the Chairman’s Council.

My mission is to share insights on the anomalies that can be exploited to fast track your AUM growth, your mission is to gain a clear understanding of the rotation of Assets in the industry. As a premium subscriber, you get succinct perspective, potent formulas with actionable advice to move ahead of thousands.

This newsletter is not for everyone, Advisors get the paid subscription because:-

  1. It makes you money

  2. You’re obsessed with growing your AUM & Revenue, being the top performer is important.

  3. Every post offer new ideas and builds on big strategies specific to large producers

  4. Easy to read. Big ideas in small bursts straight to your email weekly. You’re busy, we give you big ideas to influence your next big move.

  5. Very niche Content, directly correlated to growth centric producers, again not for everyone.

  6. No Advertising - premium paid subscriptions are the only source of revenue for this work.

  7. Subscribers have Full Access to every back issue of the newsletter

  8. Allowed to comment and interact

  9. Access to the full archives on the website

  10. Be ahead of the crowd - the newsletter goes directly to paid subscribers inbox every week.

  11. Be part of the group of Advisors who are building massive businesses, the envy of the industry.

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